Monday, 15 July 2013


The story is simple enough.

A group of banksters and other serial fraudsters make a hash of the British economy.

A Conservative coalition takes up the reins of the country, even though they were not elected to office.

Soon enough they get together in Parliament and start talking about who's to blame.  

But they don't talk about the City of London or Wall Street.

They talk about the Welfare State, the NHS, the disabled.

They also talk about lack of money, even though they pay trillions of pounds of 'Quatitative Easing' (aka 'Free Money') to keep the #banksters and their bonusus afloat.

More than 2,400 UK-based bankers are paid more than €1 million

But then at some point the laws that they voted for have to be enforced. 

This is when it gets ugly.

It involves the innocent people that had nothing to do with the financial crisis. 

But politicians in government don't represent them anymore. 

They represent the banksters.

So the police is ordered to enforce bankster requirements and politicos' decisions to protect them.

This Brixton eviction picture story is the cutting edge of the Conservative and Liberal Democratic polices of austerity. 

Police is sent in big numbers, including abseiling teams and bailiffs to make the property available to other tenents that can pay more. 

This is done through the local councils so the hand of the government is not so clearly seen.

Bailiffs continuing evictions here in Rushcroft Rd as protestors try and light more wheelie bins

BRIXTON. Violence between locals & police. Thumping noise of police breaking and entering.

BRIXTON EVICTIONS "Lambeth Council is selling community dwellings to rich developers to enforce Govt austerity" Local

BRIXTON. To Let & Auction signs on Rushcroft Rd are connected to current evictions. Council to capitalise on the Govt induced property 'boom'

A few of the evicted left their record collection on the side of the pavement. 

"People Of The World" and "Illustrious" can be seen among them.

What can't be seen anywhere at all are the politicians and the Councillors that ordered the evictions.

My video of the Rushcroft Road evictions in this morning:

Evictions took place at several properties on Rushcroft Road, Brixton, off Coldharbour Lane during the morning of Monday July 15, 2013..