Thursday, 22 March 2012


These pictures of shop windows were taken in Venice, Italy during March 12 to 17 2012 shortly after the Venice Carnival month of February.

They prove that the Anonymous mask has spread around the world in only a few months.

If Anonymous penetrated the notoriously closed 1,000 year-old Venetian culture, it will penetrate anything.

It was the only non-Venetian mask seen in any shop in Venice.  Is it saying something?

Venice, Italy.
March 2012.

All Venice pictures by  Arbolioto Blog.

Anonymous masks have established themselves in Venice's carnival masked balls, one of the world's oldest.

A year ago, they were almost unknown anywhere in the world.

Anonymous masks have been seen as part of the Occupy Movement in New York, Oakland, London, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Liverpool, Leeds, Melbourne, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro and many other locations.

Trafalgar Square. 

London, July 2011.

Photo by Artolioto Blog.

Occupy London Stock Exchange.
 London, October 2011 - February 2012.

All Occupy London Stock Exchange photos by Artolioto Blog. 

Piccadilly Circus.

London, November 2011.

Photo by Artolioto Blog. 

Occupy Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, October 2011.
Photo by Artolioto Blog. 

Holborn Underground Station.
London, January 2011.
Photo by Artolioto Blog. 

Spanish Embassy.
London, May 2011.
Photo by Arbolioto Blog.

Origin Unknown.
Internet picture.

Occupy Wall Street
Zuccotti Park, New Yoirk,
September, 2011.

Anonymous Liverpool (attributed)

Anonymous Oakland  (on day of eviction).
October 2011.
Photo by JP Dobrin. 

All pictures by Arbolioto Blog except last four. Will be happy to credit when known.